7 things happening in the world of 24-7 Prayer Ireland right now!

Some of the cool things happening in the world of 24-7 Prayer Ireland...

1. Launching a national prayer initiative 100 days 100 years. Find out more here

2. Refurbing a used caravan and using it to pray all around Belfast for 100 days. Check out the transformation!!


3. Sending a bunch of students on 48hr Road-trip to pray on Irish campuses with Fusion. Why not come with us or meet us at one of the locations near you ?! Find out more here

4. Sending a mission team to India to encourage friends and partners there. Find out more here

5. Seeing new opportunities in Prayer Spaces in Schools around Ireland and piloting new Prayer Spaces in box initiatives. Contact emma@24-7prayerireland.com for more details.

6. Witnessing growth and energy in our two communities in West Belfast and Dublin.

7. Supporting and resourcing a city-wide 40days of 24-7 across 13 churches in Lisburn during lent!