Network Day

We would love to invite you to our 24-7 Prayer Ireland network day. This will be taking place on Saturday 1st October, 10:00am to 3:00pm. We will be meeting in the 24-7 Dublin Boiler Room building, (above Bradys Pub, Terenure D6W)

Our heart is to gather all those with a passion for prayer and connect with each other, be encouraged, be equipped, share stories and call out to God for a greater move of his presence throughout Ireland.

Throughout the day we will be hosting two seminars focusing on Prayer Spaces in Schools and praying in the city. 

Please put the date in your diary and plan to be there it's going to be a great day!

The greatest of trees all start life as small humble seeds

The greatest of trees all start life as small humble seeds. When a seed is dropped onto prepared land it takes root and has the potential to thrive and grow into a mighty tree with deep roots. Prayer Spaces in Schools is such a tree. 

Over the last year spreading the vision of Prayer Spaces in Schools has felt like sowing seeds onto fertile land that had been well prepared for years through prayer. Each month saw new opportunities to scheme with youth workers, and conversations over coffee bought to life the reality of what providing a place of encounter in the school week could do, so we set a challenge at Summer Madness to see 20 happen is the academic year. 

We all have our own ideas about God, Church and prayer which effect how we view life. Prayer Spaces remove this religious clutter and make way for a new window to see God and prayer through. We have an opportunity to meet young people where they are at, during the most formative years of their lives, in a new and creative ways. Seeds are sown into young peoples hearts in these spaces that have the potential to shape the DNA of our communities… and that’s something to get excited about. 

Last term we hosted vision nights and discussions, travelled the country to support individuals, started to journey with youth workers and Churches, provided training, and networked with people from Dublin to Coleraine. We have heard many stories about the impact Prayer Spaces are having as part of the Alpha course in Ireland over the last few years and have seen 10 Prayer Spaces* happen across Northern Ireland, and these are just the ones we know about. These have ranged from events run in SU’s to week long prayer spaces that local youth workers have hosted. As momentum has built parents have contacted usto see how they can support these in their children's schools and one parent has even facilitated a prayer space in her sons school which has opened opportunities for more to be delivered.

Local people have all created, facilitated and delivered the prayer spaces, and we have heard incredible stories of how they have impacted young people and schools across the land. Teachers have noticed how the behaviour of students have improved during the prayer spaces and children in one primary school fought to be the first people to read the bible during break and lunch time. One secondary school student said that ‘this type of prayer is fun’ whilst another thought about forgiveness for the first time. We have seen some young people pray for the first time and others leaving with an excitement about how they can use prayer in their lives. The seeds of prayer are taking root in our schools and they are growing. 

In a nation where religion and faith divides opinion these simple stations are allowing young people to form new ways of engaging with a practice that has shaped this nation.  And this may well be the greatest hope for our nation. 

The momentum is growing, seeds have been sown across Ireland and Northern Ireland, and Prayer Spaces in Schools in beginning to take root in the hearts of local people. If you have a heart for your local school and young people then we would love you to start the Prayer Spaces in School journey with us. The vision is simply yet profoundly powerful so come get involved. 

*Prayer Spaces.

  • Royal and Prior School, Donegal        
  • Lurgan High School, Lurgan
  • Dromore High School, Dromore      
  • Bloomfield Collegiant, Belfast
  • Kilkeel High School, Kilkeel            
  • Florence Coury Primary School, Fermangh 
  • Coleraine College, Coleraine            
  • Ashfield Girls School, Belfast
  • Pais Project, Coleraine

For more information about prayer spaces check out or contact Emma Thompson at

7 things happening in the world of 24-7 Prayer Ireland right now!

Some of the cool things happening in the world of 24-7 Prayer Ireland...

1. Launching a national prayer initiative 100 days 100 years. Find out more here

2. Refurbing a used caravan and using it to pray all around Belfast for 100 days. Check out the transformation!!


3. Sending a bunch of students on 48hr Road-trip to pray on Irish campuses with Fusion. Why not come with us or meet us at one of the locations near you ?! Find out more here

4. Sending a mission team to India to encourage friends and partners there. Find out more here

5. Seeing new opportunities in Prayer Spaces in Schools around Ireland and piloting new Prayer Spaces in box initiatives. Contact for more details.

6. Witnessing growth and energy in our two communities in West Belfast and Dublin.

7. Supporting and resourcing a city-wide 40days of 24-7 across 13 churches in Lisburn during lent!

Alpha Ireland -Prayer Spaces in Schools

Prayer Spaces in Schools has really taken off in Ireland this past year. This video highlights some of the prayer activities used throughout that year. It was great to see Prayer Spaces used in three churches from three different denominations, as well as in schools. This video was also used as part of a talk given at the Chaplains Association of Ireland Conference 2015. This gave us the exposure we needed to introduce Prayer Spaces in Schools in secondary schools in Ireland in 2016

Annette Evans- Youth Alpha Ireland.

What is it going to take to see a nation changed?

Happy New Year!! I trust you had a wonderful Christmas, some rest and quality time with friends and family. As a new year begins I wanted to share with you my sense of anticipation for 2016.  We are standing on the edge of a pretty significant year for our country and as the Church we have an opportunity to see the Kingdom come in fresh and new ways.  

Because of Jesus all sorts of opportunities and possibilities lie before us.  

I have found myself asking God over the holidays, 

what is it going to take God to see a nation changed?’

'what is it going to take to witness an outbreaking of your Spirit around Ireland like we have never seen before?’

‘what is it going to take to see your church walk in loving authority and confidence in the year ahead so that we can truly reveal your manifold wisdom?’

As I have asked this question and prayed this prayer, I have found much to my discomfort, the question boomerang back towards me.  ‘Alain what is going to take from you?’  As I try to sift the challenge of this in my own life and the call to a fresh surrendering to God, I have also sensed the Lord prompt me towards a renewed persistency in prayer; an encouragement to ask and keep on asking, seek and keep on seeking, knock and keep on knocking.  

As I look around the world at the brokenness, violence, independence and pride of mankind, I am stirred by the words of the Apostle Peter in 1 Peter 4,

'Everything in the world is about to be wrapped up, so take nothing for granted. Stay wide-awake in prayer. Most of all, love each other as if your life depended on it. Love makes up for practically anything. Be quick to give a meal to the hungry, a bed to the homeless—cheerfully'

The call in these days is to say focused, to be alert, to watch, to ‘stay wide-awake in prayer.’  As we do this we have confidence, we are calling out to a loving heavenly Father who loves this world more than we can imagine and in Jesus has demonstrated that to us.  Let us not patronise the place of prayer in our lives or in the church in 2016.  Let us remember that the scriptures reveal to us a Father who is deeply impacted by the cries of His children and who is inviting us to co-partner with Him in His great dream for the world.  Prayer is the primary place where we discern His heart and call forth these things into being!! As Martin Luther said, ‘prayer is not about overcoming God’s reluctance but laying hold of His willingness.’

Let’s lean into the heart of God in 2016 in faith and expectation for an increase of His presence and Kingdom in our hearts, communities and nation.

One way we can join in together is with the '100 days of prayer for 100 years of history’ we are helping lead this year beginning on 6th February.  More info on this initiative can be found here.  We would love to get at least 100 churches praying throughout the 100 days.  Would you be up for joining in?  Sign up here!

Look forward to journeying together in 2016!

Bless you